Horse 'n Home, South Africa's Boerperd Horse Sanctuary & Equestrian Centre
Horse and Home is South Africas Sanctuary for the Boerperd breed of horse.

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Appelkoos was a farm horse. At first we thought he is very lazy when we rode him. After we looked at his teeth and determined his age, we knew why. He is estimated to be between 25 and 30 years of age.

Savannah is the first foal, colt, being conceived and born after they were rescued. Born 22 Nov 06. His mother is Amy (Percheron X SAB). His father Lord (SAB un-registered).

Amy is un-ridable and does not trust humans, but she is a lovely mother and Savannah is still suckling on her being 11 months old and huge!

Champagne is a registered SAB (Registered name: Lekkerkry Bamboes) Do you see why her name is Champagne? Champagne is 14 years old and I doubt if she ever had her feet or teeth done. Not because we do not care. We are desperate to give her a hug and the day anyone touches her is thrilling. What happened to her no-one knows, but she would not come to us at the beginning. Now she comes for titbits and does not avoid eye contact like before.

Savanna and Monty playing.

Thombi is a registered SAB (Vasvat Gretig). She is a great horse for children to ride and has a excellent nature (although some say she is slow). Her previous foal Casanova (Cassie) was 2 weeks old when we rescued them in Oct 05.

Lord Westwood, born during Nov 2003. Lord is an unregistered SAB. His mother is a registered SAB (Heidi) and his father is also a registered SAB, but unknown to us. When rescued Lord was skin and bone and had no human interaction before. When the horses were loaded to be taken to "heaven", Lord was harshly introduced to a halter and lead rein. >>>Read more about this horse

Sundanzer is an unregistered SAB mare, born Nov 1995. She received her name, because the sun dances off the sheen from her coat.
Danzer is a very good doer and does not actually need additional food, but we give her only 400grams, just to keep her occupied while the others are eating. She will sell her soul for food!  >>> Read more about this horse

Celtis Bluey Roebyn (Born 24 Nov 2001) is a registered, unbranded SAB gelding. Roebyn is the sire of Tikabell and Casanova (also at Horse 'n Home). Before we rescued Roebyn, he was kicked in his jaw and it was broken. Today it appears that he is missing a tooth as a result of that accident.
Roebyn loves the mares and still show a lot of stallion instincts. We suspect that he was gelded incorrectly and still produces some testosterone. >>> Read more about this horse

Ebony and Ivory (Born Nov 1999) a cross (SAB X Friesan) and changes colour between black and white. That is why we renamed her to Ebony and Ivory. Ebony will also sell her soul for food and when rescued, she was in a fairly acceptable condition, except for her teeth that required urgent filing. >>> Read more about this horse

Lord Aquarius born 11 February 2008, is our youngest. His Dame is Sundanzer (unregistered SAB) and his Sire is Lord (unregistered SAB). Here Aquarius is only a few hours old and one forgets how skinny they appear after birth. For the first 3 weeks after birth, Aquarius and mom was kept separate in their own paddock. >>> Read more about this horse

Tinkabell the Fairy (DOB 30 October 2005) was a few weeks old when we spend eight hours trying to catch her and Dame Champagne (Registered SAB) in order to bring them to "Heaven". Tinkabell's Sire is Roebyn (Registered SAB), also at Horse 'n Home. She receives her name because she triples like a fairy. >>> Read more about this horse

Lady Saphire was born on the 13th of October 2007. Her Dame is Ebony (Cross SAB) and Sire Lord (Unregistered SAB). >>> Read more about this horse