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Horse and Home is South Africas Sanctuary for the Boerperd breed of horse.

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Sundanzer is an unregistered SAB mare, born Nov 1995. She received her name, because the sun dances on her body. Danzer is a very good doer and does not actually need additional food, but we give her only 400grams, just to keep her busy while the others are eating. She will sell her soul for food! During February 2007, she aborted her foal (6 months fetus) and that evening, Danzer could not bend her neck to eat her food. We knew something was wrong and the vet was called. What we did not know is that part of the after-birth was left behind and toxins started to form. We also suspected laminitis and poor Danzer was left in the stable for 4 weeks with only hay to eat. The rest of her herd was kept close to her. She was tested since and we are happy to announce that she does not have any more signs of laminitis. Danzer is very ticklish and a very good horse for novice riders. Watch this space, because we think she is pregnant again and due to give birth soon! Currently she looks like a blown-up balloon!

"Sahara hugged by me just born"
Sahara was our first new born, whose mother allowed us to cuddle her off spring. Here Sahara is not even 1 day old, feeling like a soft new teddy bear, hooves still soft like flesh and no teeth!

"Thombi & Sahara"
Sahara being 4 and a half months of age, has lost most of her woolly coat and shows a lovely, strong build

" Sahara 2.5 months"
Sahara is growing, but she still have her baby, woolly hair

Ebony and Ivory (Born Nov 1999) is a cross (SAB X Friesan) and changes colour between black and white. That is why we renamed her to Ebony and Ivory. Ebony will also sell her soul for food and when they where rescued, she was in a fairly acceptable condition, except for her teeth that required urgent filing. Ebony is a rideable mare. In the beginning she was a real challenge to stay on, but the longer we handled and rode her in our loveable way, the more behaved she became and is now a pleasant ride. Up to date not much time has been spent on training her into a specific discipline (due to being pregnant and now feeding her baby), but as soon as Saphire has been weaned, we will work on her talents.
This photo has been taken when she was Ivory

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Lord Aquarius born 11 February 2008, is our youngest. His Dame is Sundanzer (unregistered SAB) and his Sire is Lord (unregistered SAB). Here Aquarius is only a few hours old and one forgets how skinny they appear after birth. For the first 3 weeks after birth, Aquarius and mom was kept seperate in their own paddock. (We do NOT want another Chardonnay accident). Currently, during day, when humans are around, they are let out with the other mother's and foals to graze, but are brought back to their own paddock at night. Aquarius is growing sufficiently. Currently he is still shy and do not allow humans to touch him. He did not start playing with the other foals either, but we must bear in mind that he is much younger than them.

Lady Saphire was born on the 13th of October 2007. Her Dame is Ebony (Cross SAB) and Sire Lord (Unregistered SAB). Both parents are at Horse 'n Home. On the first photo Saphire is only 2 weeks old. Note Ebony's darker coat color compare to a previous photo. Saphire was a shy filly, but regular human interactions encouraged her to be the spontaneous filly she is today. At the age of 2.5 months she enjoys a midday cat napping next to her mother.