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Celtis Bluey Roebyn (Born 24 Nov 2001) is a registered, unbranded SAB gelding. Roebyn is the sire of Tikabell and Casanova (also at Horse 'n Home). Before we rescued Roebyn, he was kicked in his jaw and it was broken. Today it appears that he is missing a tooth as a result of that accident.
Roebyn loves the mares and still shows those stallion instincts. We suspect that he was not fully gelded and therefore, may still produce some testosterone. This is why Roebyn and Lord will not be able to share a paddock (Well not for a long time to come), because both still have stallion instincts and they will fight to the death.

Roebyn is still a youngster, (These SAB's only mature at 7 years) and enjoys his jumping, eventing and dressage. A lot of time goes into training him in order for him to reach his full potential.
Although Roebyn is taking a cat nap at the moment, he is certainly not a novice ride, but for those who can ride, he is a pleasant workout.

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Ever wondered what horses do after breakfast?

The older horses will have approximately a half hours of catnapping, before they go off to graze, while the foals chase each other. Here Sahara, Saphire and Champion are running freely.

Grown horses general spend approximately 2 hours in 24 hours sleeping. They stand and sleep for short whiles (Cat napping). Our horses tend to cat nap after breakfast and supper and at midday when they come to drink water. We have not as yet seen them cat napping at night.

Time for a bath
During our summer, December 2007, 2 girls and a dad decided that they need to see a clean Tinkabell and she was bathed. What a big job! Tinkabell got irritated after a while and needless to say - she was not clean for very long after the bath!

Tinkabell the Fairy (DOB 30 October 2005) was a few weeks old when we spend eight hours trying to catch her and Dame Champagne (Registered SAB) in order to bring them to "Heaven". Tinkabell's Sire is Roebyn (Registered SAB), also at Horse 'n Home. She receives her name because she triples like a fairy. Tinkabell is a palomino (the light golden body, with white/silver mane and tail. Tinkabell is always dirty. This photo was taken just after she had a bath (her mane still wet). We do not like to bath our horses too often. The dirt and natural body grease keep them warm and protect them from insect bites.
Although Champagne is not a human horse, Tinkabell loves attention and a love. She is very friendly and when she sees you, she will come for her scratch. When Tinkabell and Cassie were the only foals, we use to refer to them as the "Children" - Naughty, but loveable. Tinkabell leads well, is easy to care for and she loves it when you scratch inside her ear. She already shows dominance. She is not afraid to chase other older horses away from their food, nor is she afraid to kick Lord if he come too close to her. Another interesting thing about Tinkabell is that her bladder is always full when she receives her food. Apparently this is the way they show dominance and mark their food. We plan to prepare her for riding (the training part) when she turns 3 years old.

No peace when horses want attention.
In the heat of the summer month, we all want shade. The horses have just came up for water. Thombi is cat napping, while the younger ones are nosy and want a scratch. Our horses thrive on attention!